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Well I did this let’s say a while ago, but receiving pictures is not always that easy :))

Check out my latest ‘advanced style’ styling with the most amazing model ever aaaand you can listen to the jazz quartet Voodoopest’s album right HERE with Marci Lombos and Attila Juhasz. Enjoy!

p.s. special thanks to Ludovika Shop!

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If I had to pick one item from Fall Winter shows that I remembered the most, I would totally choose the Burberry poncho that has been literally everywhere since. Obviously this became a trend, and some brands chose not to go too creative and just copy the whole thing. Well, if you loved the item and the original sounds too unaffordable, here is a good choice from Choies. I struggled to find the difference from below picture actually.



 Click here to buy the original Burberry poncho

Click here to buy the Choies poncho.


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MADE IN RUSSIA / Dzhanelli Jewellery House ‘Soviet Memories’ Collection

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I am becoming less and less of a jewelry fan, which is weird because I have like 10 kilos worth of it home. Obviously that doesn’t include fine jewelry, the only problem there is that I never ever buy it for myself. Maybe it sounds weird, but I rather have little but all of it has a memory of person to it. Let that be a family member, a best friend or even an ex boyfriend, they are all special this way.

Dzhanelli Jewellery House is one of those special ones, that isn’t that boring ass diamond stuff, and is PERFECT and exactly what I love. Cool, edgy and high quality. I came across the ‘Soviet Memories‘ collection that is just fantastic, bringing out the memories of the good old childhood in the USSR, the weird plastic but lovable toys and just in general a piece of mother Russia is a perfect gift for me.. Please? For Xmas?:D

sv7 (1)

sv22 sv10 sv2 (1)

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I was cleaning the bathroom when I saw a bunch of pink items resting in a pile, so I though why not introduce them to you guys..Actually half of them are in test mode at the moment, because you know I have to BUY AND TRY EVERYTHING!


I used Vichy’s Idealia BB cream and it was one of my big favourites from the brand, and most of their products always left me happy with the results, so I am currently trying out Vichy – Idéalia Serum. It gives a nice glow to my face, I don’t use it too often though, but I am happy with the results as always.



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As comfortable as the world was when bulky wedges ruled the planet, they have dissolved from most of the high-end and fast fashion brand stores and left us (well me for sure) crying for more, before realizing that there are still wedge options out there. I am not even going to mention God’s gift in the name of wedge sneakers, but that’s another sad topic.

Yes, wedges are gone and while you can still see versions of boots and sandals out there with more elegant forms, ankle boots with thick bulky wedge heels should be forgotten. I really don’t mind, even though I wore them constantly a couple of years ago, they did kind of look a bit cheapy in comparison to the pretty elegant versions like this one. (click). The solution? Just go and look for bulky heels if you need a less elegant option.

wedges trend out 2014

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I have been looking for ankle boots that would suit my mini height, my thin legs and my big feet since..A LONG TIME let’s say. It was so hard to find a pair that looked stylish enough, as well as ok with my strict criterias above, that I was killing the same boots for 4 years.  Little did I know, that I will find a pair at my local Zara.

zara leather ankle boots zara boots chain silver blog

cool hunting

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