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It was not long when jeans on jeans happened and then vanished to return as a 90s flashback in an even ‘jeansier’ way. Since basically all trends are being revised and redone, it does not come as a surprise Spring Summer 2015 catwalk was full of the denim trend, and by denim trend I mean LITERALLY everything was jeans, even boots.

denim collage eugenia bulah

The trend has been embraced by a lot of majors in the business. Here are the outfits as seen on the catwalk, and the items I found quite cool and wearable that can be found now.



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OK, this is probably my current favourite most hated trend (ex-trend rather). I remember years and years ago when the whole statement necklace trend exploded into our faces, the under the collar necklace was the best thing anyone could come up with. It was no doubt the most popular thing to do posing for street style photos, and guess what? It ended.

I still see a lot of this happening on lookbook (that pretty much sums it up about this website), and I do judge when I see it, because it mostly happens when girls try to be extra creative, but hello it’s not? Actually, I ended up hating on statement jewelry all together because of this big boom, and the piles of it I bought are now resting in peace in hard to reach boxes.

Try this instead! And yes, a lot of statement pieces do look cheap because of their quality, and it’s hard to hide the quality of such a centered item.

collar shirt necklace trend

cool hunting


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I started to write this article a month ago, and just left it in my drafts folder, eventually forgetting about it’s existence. The whole quite unkind ‘scandal’ around Renee Zellweger‘s brand new 2013 face reminded me to finish it though.

beauty and plastic surgery

Working in fashion for a long time, being hooked up on Hollywood gossips since forever had always raised a bunch of questions in me, and left me feeling all sorts of feelings about the situation. If we look at the fashion world and the famous models it has to offer (let’s leave out Victoria’s angels for now), we see a very wide range of pretty and not so pretty girls. Some became famous for their beauty, some for looking extremely weird, maybe even ugly to some, but they are still rocking the world, they are still models and models are widely considered beautiful. That’s that. Model agencies cast according to the rules of the market, they trade young people for the dominance in certain sectors. Some of these sectors want blond Barbies, some want big noses, unisex and anything thrilling.

Than we have the Hollywood world. A lists, B lists, D lists. Obviously most of the castings are not as much about the looks, as for the model industry, but yes sex sells. Luckily the tendency of being a talented actor/actress is still higher than that of the facial features, thus we end up with so called ‘imperfections’. Body appreciation normally does not exist in Hollywood and when it does, it is only part of the image. Hollywood tries to project beautiful lives, amazing hair, diamonds and perfect marriages.

scarlett johansson nose job



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I wear contacts since forever, and dark circles and puffy eyes are my thing. The good part is that the issue had resolved itself lately for no apparent reason. I was looking for a product that will cover my so cold ‘dark side’, while containing everything to help my puffiness aka. hydrate the hell out of it. Since I am a a regular customer at Clinique, they were my first choice, and remembering that All About Eyes Concentrate was good, I expected All About Eyes Concealer to do the job and hide my circles.

I used it for a couple of months, but I ended up having a very cakey concealer under my eyes, that created some non existing wrinkles and did not hydrate well either. I tried eye creams as a primer, but with no luck. Basically I use it for everything that is not eyes and the truth is I love it’s colour, and I would definitely recommend it for very young ladies out there with zero wrinkle issues, but dark circle problems, but if you are like me continue the search for something lighter.

clinique all about eyes review


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Finally the long long long awaited Alexander Wang for H&M lookbook is available for both men and women. I usually get overexcited about H&M collaborations, and this one was worth the wait. I would definitely kill and stand in a line for some of these fantastic pieces.

Available from November 6!

6104_LB_107_PR alexander wang hm lookbook 6104_LB_205_PR

Check out the full lookbook after the jump:


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