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I have been in a huge need of a good nail strengthener for way too long. My nails, even with all the vitamin intakes break, and I always end up having shorter pointing finger nails. I hate that gel thing others are doing, because it does not look natural, and I have always been against fake nails, and basically all things fake.

My friend mentioned NailTek a couple of months ago, and since she got it in Ukraine, I googled and ordered one from USA for around 10 USD. It should be applied daily under and over the nail polish, or without, and should give you super strong nails. My friend was really pleased with the outcome, and I ended up with sad nails that started to peel due to all the layers, and broke almost the same way.

If you have ‘mini issues’ with nail breaking, than this product is for you, while I will continue the search :)

nail tek nail strengthener review

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