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I am the kind of person who due to all my oily pimply skin troubles of my teen years became obsessed with clean hydrated and whatnot skin. The same way as I am with good makeup and nails done.

Randomly at the same time there are those parts of my body that I am totally incapable of taking care of. For example my feet. I do my pedi once in a while and luckily pedis seem to stay ‘alive’ for quite some time in comparison to hands when the nail polish chips off ten minutes after it was nicely applied ten times. DUH.


Well my feet are a different story and it is not like I do not need to take care of them. The skin on my heels dries out horrifically especially after ‘sandaling’ through the summer the same ways as the small and big toe mounts. It would be a descent explanation, but no, they dry out in winter as well and I never ever ever walk bare feet so it will stay a mystery.



For some reason I am just so not into taking any care of my feet it’s annoying. I have 3 feet creams next to my bed so that at least then I take that extra step and apply. No I don’t. I have mega creams that are supposed to fix the worst cracked skin as well. They do if I would care to apply them. It is a horrible feeling to apply foot cream and walk around after..even in socks..even lying in bed..HORRIBLE.

The ONLY product that seems to do the trick is a foot scraper / polisher I randomly use when taking a shower or a bath. That is when the idea of getting Scholl Velvet Soft electric thingie came to my mind. I found it super pricey for what it does and continued using my little scraper until one day I saw it sold in a box with 2 extra feet products and I said to myself ‘It’s either now or never’… If I only knew I would of bought 2-3 tops from that price.

scholl velvet review

There are 3 issues with this product and here’s why Scholl Velvet Soft sucks:

  1. Super loud..It makes the exact sound vibrators make and I have very thin walls. AND IT IS VERY LOUD.
  2. Very expensive for a tiny machine that just does feet filing.
  3. It is not powerful at all. Something I expected it to be. It takes ages to polish my feet and it’s so soft that every time I push it onto the skin it pretty much stops.
  4. My hand has done a way better job with a scraper for 2 USD…

I usually never say this, but I am really pissed off at spending the money on this thing. Really.

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