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Budapest magic happened and one of my favourite well curated museums aka Ludwig brought a Pop Art collection called East Side Story that includes famous modern artists in the names of Roy Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns, David Hockney Andy Warhol etc etc. Unfortunately it’s a rare sight in Hungary so obviously I went to check it out and examine these works and I was especially curious about the techniques used because it is not something you can figure out from photos.


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The collection was surprisingly big with quite a few European names I have never seen live before. People love to judge modern art and I get it, but let’s not forget what a break out it was back in the 50s that just needed to evolve in order to suit modern decor, to challenge and expand abstract movements that were present. These were unique works, never seen before and highly influenced by evolving pop culture.



If you are around do check out Ludwig’s Museum Pop Art exhibition, it is quite big, has quite a few big names, and a lot of names that might be new to you. It has Andy Warhol’s Silver Cloud room and  Claes Oldenburg’s Ray Guns and his 385 piece collection of objects from the 60s in the Mouse Museum. All these works brought out the child in me.

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