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We live in the times when only a few collections a year make me scream of happiness with the feeling that I have lived and witnessed history, but mostly it is getting dull. We have seen it all, 70s, 80s, 90s all mixed and matched together in all possible ways. We went so minimal, I started to feel the need for a bit of richness, me who hated it since forever.

The world of 3D printing is evolving as we speak, but we are not anywhere close to the industry of self-made dresses that you can simply order online in a form of a 3D file, and while we are getting there, we seem to get extremely excited about designer departures and new announcements, because we all need to be fed with fashion info. (well, all us fashion freaks).

alexander wang leaving balenciaga

Remember when suddenly we had ‘new’ Dior with Raf Simons, a new Saint Laurent that lost it’s Yves with Hedi Slimane, a new Balenciaga with Alexander Wang and a sudden Louis Vuitton with Nicolas Ghesquiere. Oh, and I almost forgot Gucci’s Alessandro Michele. Do you remember the outrage some of it brought, the talks, the scandals, the fascination and the never ending talks?

When it comes to designers, if the name is clean, than it’s all about results. I tried to check Kering’s financials for Balenciaga, but for some reason they are mashed together under ‘other financials’ and don’t shed a light on what is up with the brand. But back to the main topic. It was not yet officially announced, but we all know it. Alexander Wang is leaving and we need a new successor at Balenciaga.

Alexander’s first collections for Balenciaga obviously generated a lot of conversations and revenues doubled, but Wang’s latest ones have not done any magic, they were a mash up of sporty and weird, and as beautiful as they were, there was no reform at the brand that was expected, and happens with every new great designer stepping up as a newly appointed creative director. The excitement boom of AW for Balenciaga died away.

alexander wang leaving balenciaga article

Should we expect another Gucci or Saint Laurent wearable fast fashion looks? Those are extremely popular and generate enormous revenues. That is surprising, but why not. Those who can afford would also like to wear a bit of super expensive that does not stand out.

In my opinion 2 would be enough, and I am getting really bored of minimal. Please do something!

Until then enjoy some of Alexander Wang’s works for Balenciaga. More after the jump:

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  1. “I am getting really bored of minimal. Please do something!” – very good point you made! interesting article