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Once all the crazy holidays are over we all try to enjoy the good side of the winter season aka skiing. I have not visited the slopes for a very long time I used to ski, but that is not something I want to go back to because I always wanted to snowboard as a teen listening to Guano Apes (obviously).

Obviously the hard part of it all is the investment it takes to actually get out there. Many people question the idea and I get it. There is a big chance you will see a slope max once a year why bother buying all the equipment. Well yeah that is why you can rent all of it for very affordable prices. Also going skiing does not mean you need to buy a 3k Moncler jacket.

I decided to invest in a new jacket and goggles that I ordered from Oakley. Other than that I have the pants and the rest I solved fairly cheap. While looking for the best of I thought I’d write a post if any of you are in the same search situation as myself. Yes you can look cool and pretty in those and yes if you really look around you can find some stuff for a very very descent price. LOL.

Check out the best of ski stuff for this season below:



by Zhenya