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Every time I think about it, I feel blessed being raised the way I was. My grandmother was a designer and dressed the wives of Soviet presidents back in the days. We had a sewing machine working every evening and our home was filled with good quality fabrics all around. Since I was a tiny baby I heard how important it is to wear quality and all the blabla around the subject.

My mother kept the tradition going and was a classic style investor. Some of her items I now have in my closet and wear them with pride. This is how a sense of good quality and understanding of timelessness can win you a perfect closet.

Luckily in today’s world classic pieces are as fashionable as anything out there in the fast fashion stores, so I have gathered the first 5 types of items worth investing into. These will live with you for a very long time and in the end will end up being way cheaper than any top from a Zara.


Timeless watch


The good news is that watches can really last forever. Even when it is not one of those mega expensive brands. Forget all those trends and buy a classic watch that will last you a lifetime.



The perfect blue jeans


A lifespan of a good pair of jeans created by a jeans brand is unbelievably long. I got my first pair of Acne Jeans in high school and they were so perfect I wore them day and night and they survived ten years of my butt. A price of a pair of Levi’s is not that much higher than a pair of Mango jeans, but the difference is incomparable. Check Diesel, Levi’s, Replay, G-Star, Armani Jeans or Acne(these are all my big jeans faves) They will never hang on you like a pair of Zara jeans after you sit in the for 15 minutes.

Find your perfect cut and style for your figure and trust me you will remember this advice forever.



The classic blazer


There is nothing as chic as wearing a pair of blue jeans with a black blazer. One of these wonderful pieces can be worn in so many ways that is definitely in top ten of all investments.

Classic heels


I am honestly not a huge investor into shoes. This is probably the only item I rarely really invest into, but I do have some luxury pieces that are so classic they will never come out of style like loafers and boots.

A good pair of heels will always be comfortable in comparison to any fast fashion brand, so giving out twice the amount and buying only one pair of courts instead of two is not only going to make you suffer less through the night out, but it will look perfect on you.


A chic wallet


A wallet is one of those one and only accessories that is with you most of the time you are not at home. The better the leather the longer it will last, so why not invest into one amazing quality wallet instead of changing them yearly?


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