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The last time I liked Michael Kors was when it was not available in Hungary. None of it. Not because I am not enjoying seeing fellow citizens wear it along with me, but because it was not such a mass craze. I still have quite a few MK pieces myself hidden in the closet. Along with the craze I have stopped liking most of the brand’s accessory designs. They were either off for me in one way or another, or looked totally like copies of already successful products of other luxury brands.

The good thing is that MK is quite affordable and with the right saving up a lot of ladies out there can have a dream bag of a luxury brand for a tiny amount. The problem is that it is so overly popular that I always raise the same question as to WHY would you want to have something everyone has when there are better things out there that can make you unique? I wasn’t planning to make a point but it seems I did.

furla bag michael kors bag cheap





Furla on the other hand has it’s own designs that I really like and doesn’t copy anyone although it is a fact that I will think 20 times before buying anything since the brand is also becoming overly popular in the circles of people I don’t want to share with. (Yes I know, I know…)

Here is one of my little faves is the Metropolis bag by Furla and her fellow copycat by Michael Kors. Click here for the Furla | Click here for the Michael Kors

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  1. Wow, these are pretty much the same bar the price tag! Such a good dupe xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge