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Behold the SALES are here. The ultimate happiness boost and an ecological disaster. There are always those trends around that come and go in a minute and they are baaad because you spend money on something that does not last and then you end up with an unwearable item. There are also trends that are just too trendy to follow where every 3rd instagram photo features those lust items or wait they are not even lust items, but they do feel so randomly.

Everyone is going crazy currently shopping and here is a guide to 3 worst things to buy this sale time of the year 2017 Winter edition.

Quilted puffy and oversize coats

When a trend is so trendy that you feel you should stay away from it in the early start. It is no longer an early start these puffy coats are everywhere and are on sale. Even though they look warm. Don’t. They are a boring style and next year you will suffer trying to get rid of that coat that feels so street and so Vetements.

Biker boots

The most overworn item of 2017 perhaps. As comfy as it is go for Dr. Martens and forget these if you want to be unique in any way.

Transparent embroidered tops

This one has been around for the past two years. Thank you Valentino they are beautiful but also got so boring it hurts. Don’t.

And as a bonus. This thing is somehow back and I cant get enough of how bad it is! It is one of those typical items that is still worn by strippers and girls who stuck in the 2000’s slutty dressing. It is so amazingly horribly yesterday that I seriously can not believe it is back and it does not seem to be sticking thanks god. Luckily it is more of an aliexpress popular item then the fast fashion and friends kind.


Go for items that look special but will not go out of fashion. Learning to see the difference between trendy and ‘items with that extra’ is what will give you the perfect everlasting wardrobe.



by Zhenya