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Remember that post I did on fashion investment pieces? Well here I am doing a part two on this subject because there is never enough to invest into. You can read the previous one HERE.

I have been so careful with shopping in the past 6 years because of the trend shocker I have received after overcollecting shit that does not even look nice on me. Nothing has changed since my previous post, classic mixed well is still in fashion and will continue to be so, so these pieces in good quality can stick around in your wardrobe maybe even forever. Look for interesting (with a twist) or classic pieces.


That leather jacket

I deeply hate black leather jackets they are so over-worn in Budapest it hurts. Go for a colorful one or one that is black but is not that typical biker leather jacket that everyone around you has. Leather became extremely cheap at fast fashion stores and investing into a biker jacket has never been friendlier to your wallet. You might end up with a cheaper real leather jacket at sale time than a rubber one at normal period. Oh and never ever buy rubber ones.


That leather bag

A good bag is one of the best investments ever. I wear some bags from my teen periods because they just never fuck up. Like never ever. Choose that one bag that fits your style. For example if you are not a big carrier go with a small black bag that suits everything or if you are like me go for something bigger that can hand on your shoulder with all its 40 kilos. Go for nude, brown or black and do not I repeat do not go for nylon that is cheap ass or used bags that might have been used for an eternity. If you can not afford a Gucci bag than just don’t buy one and go for a brand you can afford new.


That fine jewelry

Silver and gold jewelry has become very accessible and should be worn by everyone. If you do a 5 minute search you can find perfectly cute pure silver necklaces on ebay for dollars. They will not dim or get yellow, they will always look expensive. Find one of those small necklaces that suits every outfit. Are you gold or are you silver? I am silver.


Those sunnies

I have so many sunglasses I do not know where to put them. Every year I invest into a new pair of sunnies. They have that perfect lens, they will always look chic and protect your eye sight.

The real perfume

It is surprisingly easy to teach your nose to smell those real REAL perfumes. Just because the brand names screams Gucci it won’t help. Go to a real perfumery, ask for help and get your real smell on that will last and will evolve on you and not just leave a cloud of overly sweet perfume. Trust me on this one. You will feel the smell of a passing by Burberry disgusting once you move and you will thank me.




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