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It’s possible to hate on Kanye West and his bitch-rants, but the truth is he does some things quite well. I have followed his music career closely and even though I am deep into underground and the last thing on my mind is rap, I truly loved Graduation, Collecge Dropout and all his older albums. Why? I guess they also sounded just that little bit different, exactly why I love everything out of ordinary and hate pop. Also, it’s called quality music.

kanye west the king

We can go crying about how Hollywood performers do all those crappy collabs that don’t mean a thing and I would totally agree, because yes, it’s about the name not the product, starting from Britney Spears perfumes to Jessica Simpson shoe lines. But let’s give this guy some credit. Maybe he is not a trendsetter in clothes department, but the shoes he makes are fantastic. The kind of fantastic you cannot often see even from a good fashion designer. There. I said it. Give me those LVs and give me those Zanottis. END.

Giuseppe Zanotti x Kanye West


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