I have always been very rational about shopping. As a teenager my mother had a bit of control over my decisions and I always ended up buying less, but of better quality and an interesting design. Those items from 13 years ago still appear on me.

Then came the period in my life around 5-6 years ago when I would buy anything and everything I saw as fast fashion bloomed. I prioritized shopping of fashionable cool items and accessories to travels and anything else.

Today I am still left with boxes of clothes, shoes and accessories I can’t wear because those pieces are not in fashion, bad quality, don’t suit me, etc. I gave away kilograms to friends, family and donated A LOT, but that did not help my case. It did teach me a lesson or two:


  • FASHION MOVES ON – Fashion is not personal, it will never be part of who you are. It lacks personality and lasts a very short period of time. If you can imagine the item lasting for years then calculate the investment.


  • CHEAP LOOK – It takes a very good eye to spot items that do not look cheap immediately and it takes a good style sense. Look for good materials like pure cotton, wool, etc and you can save your case.


  • THEY FALL APART FAST – With a blink of an eye these garments and shoes will fall apart. The accessories will fade and the stones will fall out, while big people make huge money. These 10USD t-shirts are fucking expensive if you remind yourself of how long they will last.


  • THEY DON’T KEEP YOU WARM – Acrylic items , polyester  and what not will not only not keep you warm, they will make you colder in winter periods and sweat like a pig in summer.


  • NOT ETHICAL – I am not going to even get into the issues behind the places where these pieces of garments are put together. We all know it and should support the least of it.


  • HASSLE OF GETTING RID OF – Even if for a magical reason the top you got last year stayed alive after 5 wash cycles, you will hate to even look at it after a while and it is a huge hassle to get rid of these items. Obviously if you are a human being you would not throw it out, but try to donate it or give to friends, but that is still a lot of work.


  • BUDGET IT – Only financial losers think that buying a cheap item at Bershka on sale is worth it. It is not because you end up spending way more then if you buy a quality item. Dressing cheap while spending more? Is it..is it worth it???


  • IT IS HEALTHIER – Think about how much air your body gets in those plastic materials and what happens in your plastic underwear.


  • DO NOT FIT – Fast fashion does not know tailoring. That dress will never ever look perfect, so instead of getting a new winter jacket every year, buy one for double the price and wear it for two years while looking perfect.


  • SIZING IS INCORRECT – In Inditex stores like Zara even xs is big on me and ordering anything from these stores is like playing a lottery.


  • IN/OUT – Even though you think that Zara skirt is still cool, once the item hits a fast fashion store it is already on its fashion decline and will last you that one year if not less.


  • NOT UNIQUE – Half of your street will wear it.


  • THE SHOES WILL ALWAYS HURT – Spending 50% more to get a pair of shoes from an actual shoe stores that does everything to keep your leggsies comfy. Worth every penny.


  • WITH A TWIST – Clothes with a twist do not really exist in fast fashion because they are mashup of actual trends and will mostly  never be timeless, cool pieces.

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