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I am a lucky person. My bite is perfect, my teeth were always good and I would have never though I would end up in braces. My only problem were two front teeth, the lower ones, that needed fixing. Nothing to do with beauty, they simply bother my speech and that’s extra annoying.

Two months ago, while I was working on my Yearly to do list, the horror news happened and my doctor told me that in order for me to get my lower teeth fixed I’d need a tiny change with my upper ones AND THAT MEANS BRACES. I hated the whole idea of  having to wear braces at this age, or fixing anything, because I honestly love my imperfections and I even stopped considering getting my eyesight fixed, because glasses are who I am.


So the second I got to know the news, I started to collect thoughts on the whole braces situation, and here they are:

My thoughts on getting braces and surviving them for 2 months:


  • My imperfect teeth are what makes me ‘me’…I hate the thought of losing that…
  • Did I just hear my credit card scream?
  • I wonder whether the last of my wisdom teeth that was just removed will change me into a dumb zombie?
  • Reading OK magazine for the first time…Oh hi Jennifer Lawrence! Can you please smile for me I would like to check your teeth situation…
  • Not bad!
  • Time to get an X-Ray..I always wondered how many brain cells it kills..Assuming I have any left since all my wisdom was removed..
  • I am in the doctor’s chair and he needs my teeth mold…The nasty sticky thing is in my mouth..It’s absolutely everywhere..
  • Is he making a mold of my throat?!
  • Well at least it is cute pink…
  • Did my teeth stay on their places when he pulled out this bubble gum mold?
  • Yes, wow, all there.
  • Worst 1 minute ever!
  • I wonder whether the fact that I need braces for 4 months actually will be 4 months?!
  • Well this thing that keeps my mouth wide open is not as uncomfortable as it looks. I could walk home in one..Oh wait…

  • What is all this blue stuff that is being spread all over my teeth? Logically trying to guess something antibacterial and what not…
  • Oh God, it is happening, he is gluing the white sapphire brackets on my teeth..
  • A woman must really be broke to get those metal ones at my age..I rather not eat for a month..
  • That does not feel uncomfortable at all…Can it be that the teeth mold is the only horror?!
  • All those transparent whatever-they-are-called are up! What is next?!
  • Well if nothing else, this metal white arch wire MUST hurt!
  • That did not hurt…
  • Can’t wait to have the mouth opener removed so I can feel the braces finally!
  • My tongue is so dry..Wonder if it is all wrinkly and makes the orthodontist disgusted?
  • God please send me a drop of water…
  • God heard!
  • I have so many questions…
  • So what is next? Ah ok the bands to hold the arch wire..
  • Should I get pink ones?
  • Wow, again, totally did not hurt.
  • He is out of my mouth for good!
  • Trying to close my mouth…That does not feel bad!!!!! I feel like I am at a dress up party! I love dress up parties!!!
  • From now on you can call me Ugly Betty, just let me get my glasses out…
  • Time to thank the doctor and smile…Smile just a bit..OK, there it goes, I can not smile a bit..All my teeth are out and I am grinning like a horse..
  • I am unable to close my mouth, the hooks won’t let me..
  • Struggling with the lips…
  • Ok, let’s try to smile with my mouth closed. Well that is just super weird!
  • OMG! I will never do that again..What a horrific face expression. Yes, there is a mirror.
  • Wonder why so many people say it’s a bad experience?It is just so easy and fun!
  • What the hell is this dental wax I just got?! Can’t imagine sticking candles on my teeth to keep my lips from bleeding.
  • Time to say goodbye and go home.
  • Wait first a selfie..

  • How horrible is this grin..
  • Need to send it to all my friends. Done.
  • Did all my teeth change place after having braces for 2 hours? No they did not..
  • Friends warned me about not being able to eat solid and weird food for days…Let’s try them all..
  • Hamburger..Check
  • Nachos..Check
  • Spinach..Check
  • Oh wait, it’s 10pm time to stop eating…
  • Am I the only person who eats with her back teeth even without braces?
  • Only a couple of hours passed and my tooth is moving..
  • Is it trying to escape all the horrors? Please take me with you..
  • I am going to try to brush my teeth now..I wonder if that will remove the braces..
  • No it didn’t..unfortunately?
  • 3 days passed and I still love them.
  • Wonder if I can now blame men’s non interest on braces?!
  • All men I meet tell me braces are sexy..Who would have thought?!
  • Most of my teeth are moving around..I should stop playing with them before I lose a few.
  • Did my teeth change positions finally? AAAH yeah, I can see the difference.
  • Wow can anything remove all that food ?
  • I wonder what will happen if I eat sticky caramel? Will it get stuck to my teeth dissolving for days?Who cares, I don’t even want caramel.
  • Did not have to use that dental wax thingie even once..I am a survivor!!
  • Why are my teeth getting bigger?! Did that blue antibacterial thing make them grow?!
  • Kissing is not all that bad in braces..
  • Time to go for my first ever tightening…Wonder if this is when the pain starts?
  • The arch wire lost all its white color.
  • And now it got changed to a thicker new white one and so were the rubber things that got horribly yellow. I am grateful!
  • Again..no pain.
  • I am told the 4-5 month plan is super doable and I don’t need braces for longer than that!
  • The lower once are to come in the first weeks of February..What a birthday gift..OH wait again…
  • Hollywood smile! Here I come!!!
  • Am I just the luckiest person on Earth?
  • Smaaaaajl

thoughts on getting braces

Looking back at all this…Braces are cool! I am still not so happy about getting a Hollywood smile, I feel perfect with my imperfections and don’t feel like getting anything done to myself ever…But let that be my one and only little change.


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