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I believe one of the biggest horrors of the past decades in deformity of the human souls is the snobbism that has evolved. For obvious reasons it is there, the world has never revolved around fashion and money like it does today and it has never been easier to show off the goodies with the social media possibilities.

Fashion snobs are horrible, they will judge, look down, show off and do the whole “I will not wear this brand because it is HM”, but there is nothing worse than the FAKE fashion snobs. The biggest problem with fake snobby people is that they are fake. And fake people suck. That is one of the reasons why they try to create this unrealistic bubble around them portraying themselves as people they want to be for some apparent reason wearing fakes and extremely old items just to be able to show off with a Gucci, a Chanel bag, etc. Today you can even order a shopping paper bag that says Dior in big letters, pose with it and send it back. This service really exists and it is scaryyy.

Every gender is affected but women probably way more. The fact that a girl can not afford a designer piece while half of the Instagram chicks she is following is posing with classic Chanel flaps can get annoying to even those who do not care much. It can get uncomfortable flipping through social media accounts and seeing so much money and smiles, but I do believe and so should everyone: “If you can not fucking afford it than do not”. Let it be a drive for you to afford it one day if you can not live with the though that you do not have the item, or OR or invest into a psychologist who will revise your mental state.

We all do have our girly moments when we want to show the world our newest bag or a new ring we got, but that is not showing off that is girl sharing. But back to the subject.


So who exactly is a fake fashion snob?


  • Ones who have a good upbringing especially in mid classes are usually taught the meaning of money. When it comes to people who suddenly become rich from the middle of nowhere by marrying a rich dude or just cheating the world around they go completely crazy to prove to the world what they are worth. This I have seen in quite a few people I have known from teen years who suddenly got rich and had to show it all. It is sad.
  • Those are people who do not have much else to share. No fun hobbies and no real life that is interesting enough to stay off the wagon. The show off girls usually do not have jobs, or if they do it is not something to show off on Linkedin. Same goes for higher education.
  • They will create this fake fake faaaake bubble on Instagram and pretend the world is a luxury boat while living at their parents place at the age of 35.
  • It will always be about the brand name and they will go miles for it.
  • Those who manage to change their opinion about everything on a weekly basis. They are so fake they can not control their thinking. They will be whatever and whoever influences them. They will copy outfits from friends and bloggers, they will copy lives.
  • They will judge you for shopping at Bershka all of a sudden. Hey you did it 3 weeks ago. They will judge the shit out of you and look down at you all the time.
  • They will go high levels and shop for fakes just to do the pretending thing. I used to know two chicks they were so famous for being fakers and to this day I think they are not aware that everyone knew how fake their faux leather Pradas were. It is also hilarious when a chick has no flat, no car, no well paid job or rich boyfriend or family but is sashaying with a Chanel bag. The problem that it also shows total lack of brain cells.
  • They will go other levels and try to buy really old used bags and overworn shoes(!!!) just to show off a Miu Miu pair of sandals. This is so extreme to me I just can’t. Just to have an LV sign they will wear a sweaty handle-d bag or some nylon crap for a Prada logo.There is so much affordable luxury lately why bother and go so low. Hey you can even buy a cashmere sweater at an H&M sale.
  • They will make sure the whole collection is shared all over the internet.
  • If all fails they will borrow those bags for a shoot from a store or a friend.
  • Their favorite movie will be the crappily directed and ‘story-lined’ Devil Wears Prada.
  • They will walk around in such a superior style everyone will hate their guts even without knowing the person.
  • They will miss all the class. They will go for the most recognizable shit there is especially if the Instagram chicks they follows have one too. Stella McCartney flatforms, Chanel flaps, Gucci belts, RayBans and a pair of Dsquared jeans. Hey Hungarian reality.
  • If something is missing a logo they will make sure everyone around them and their fake followes know what they are wearing.
  • They will shove the brands into anyone’s face, but if there is a mention of something way over the budget even on fake level they will pretend they never really cared about that item. I love all those anti fur people who simply can not afford it (And respect anyone who goes against it with all their money).

Snobs suck, but fake snobs are a complete horror story. Not only will they follow the low esteemed rich people with nothing to share, they will fake it. If you see one run as far as possible. Do not get influenced by people who can afford more then you. One day you will as well and if not who cares concentrate on yourself, your life, your happiness and feel sad for those who can not find inner peace so they fake a world around themselves with fake luxury and plastic surgeries.


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