You know when a fashion piece or brand becomes so overpopular it becomes kind of embarrassing for those who are all into having a style in fashion? This happens and this happens a lot. I honestly do not really care about fashion dressing because I try to buy timeless by either choosing classic pieces that never go out of style or clothes with a cool twist that will stay cool forever. It does work I have sweatshirts and tops from 15 years ago that are still really awesome and I get asked what they are.

Anyhow, it also happens that not just branded items become boring as fxyw, but full brands. Let me talk about a few brands that should be forgotten by you asap.

fashion brands not to buye in 2018


Michael Kors

MK started off quite well. It was so desirable. I got a beautiful white MK watch when nothing was available in Hungary and I loved it to bits…Until the overexposure happened. Many brands go crazy about revenues and sales but fuck it up on the long run by being too accessible and popular for anyone to want them anymore. Having a Michael Kors bag became more of a lame thing to have. It became an item of desire for random girls who really wanted to show off with a branded ite.

While it is definitely cool to be able to afford a designer bag for not even half the price of a real luxury bag, but when everyone around you gets that same bag you just stop feeling that the bag is as wanted as it used to be. Michael Kors’ revenues have been falling badly and this is exactly the reason behind it.

I am not going to list Coach, but just for your info they did the same thing once and are still recovering from the overexposure they have created.



As much respect I have for the brand it got to a stage of horrific exposure that even Louis Vuitton does not have. Their sweatshirt are the new Kenzo and those went extreme levels of boring.

If you see the new GG (well not so new) logo then run away. It is worn by so many people that I question anyone who thinks it is fashionable to follow.



I bought my first canvas and leather Furla bag with a cute surfer girl when i was 16. I wore it every day in rain and snow until the paint started to show that it does not like water. But that was in 2000 and it is 2017 now. Furla is becoming a bit too everywhere for my taste as well (you might disagree on this one, but its truuuuue). It is everywhere and it does not add to style anymore. Even though their bags and accessories are beautiful and very good quality it became one big nope.


This is the one cool traveler brand, but if you are not traveling then get yourself a leather bag because you are in the appropriate age of leather and not cheap nylon materials. Also every grandma and every teenager in US has one. If you are working on your style get something more unique from a less known brand for example.



There used to be (still is) a brand called Custo Barcelona that I wore in the same 2000’s. It was a very similar patchworked colorful brand, with extremely good quality and also high prices and it was so so soooo cool back then.

Desigual is also a Spanish brand. To this day I am not sure what makes anyone buy it. The patchworks and the type of embroidery used by the brand is very very oldschool and is not fashionable at all, it feels like it comes from the 2000’s Custo. The quality is not good either and it is just too much and looks cheap.




As much as me love the Rihanna collections, that is exactly what made me turn away from the brand completely. While other sports brands represent sportsmanship and coolness, Puma reaches out to Kylie Jenner lookalikes with brown lipsticks, crop tops and weird ombre eyebrows.

On the good side, Puma did reach top popularity and congrats for that, but do you want to be an Instagram clone?



sad but true. I have two tiny coats from the brand that I loved to bits and still do. Moncler is a fantastic, cool and warm brand for winter and we do not have enough of that, but the amount of exposure it received on the black market made it meh. There are so many fakes out there that sometimes I question every single piece I see. On top of that it became one of those top luxury brands to be worn and seen just like Gucci’s new GG logo-ed bags and belts that it does not feel right anymore. We can find better.


Tell me in the comments what brands do you think are not worth the attention today? :)



by Zhenya