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We all have dreams and goals, some not as vivid, but we all basically know what would make us happy tomorrow and in a month. Some of these goals are major life changing ones and some of them are extremely tiny, the kind of goals that need to be accomplished to work on bigger ones. Unfortunately a lot of them are connected with dirty money and to get them checked out, we My big and tiny goals have been piling up for years and I kept on telling myself that tomorrow is the day, which never came. It did make me worry about my sort of laziness and my inability to take them seriously.

how to be successful woman


✓ Get a promotion


And then it happened. From one day to another I realised that today IS the day. It started off with a successful beginning of the year career-wise (aka promotion) that gave me this enormous boost of energy and most importantly concentration. Also, I took the chance to be with my own thoughts long enough to realise there is not use in wasting time and being a couch potato when it comes to goals. When if not now, when I have all the time and luckily finances I asked myself? Realising and kicking it off is what everyone should try to do, because why wait? Also, today you have the time tomorrow you might never do and maybe there is no tomorrow…Really, anything can happen.




✓ Enroll in courses

✓ Finish 3D modelling studies


For me it started off with me myself and I enrolling into a bunch of really important (for me of course) courses I took one by one through the year. Every day I had time to learn more in marketing, finance, accounting and even CAD 3D which I can use so well now (there is nothing that you can’t learn!!). It is true that my nature did help me a lot, as I am so keen on learning that by the year end I became obsessed with studying and spent all my lazy free time with books. While the brain work was ongoing outside of my 8 hour work, I was being challenged the same way in my new position within the corporate world. Once you start, you will feel the need for more and the more you learn the less you know.


✓ Make a 3D project

✓ Kick off a new business


I started to slowly tick out my to do list, especially the career and knowledge related points. Sometimes you need that person in your life who tells you ‘GO!’. I am blessed with a person like that, and by Spring I started my own business. It all started off as a project and built itself into a business of it’s own that I am extremely proud of and will definitely share when the time is here. When I work two jobs and constantly update a blog,  it gets really tough at times, but honestly it just makes you want to push for more and sets you on fire.


✓ Get new glasses and lenses


Obviously promotions and businesses give cashhhh and I used my cash to start ticking out the rest of everything. At start I couldn’t stop myself from pushing things away.. All the dentist appointments and opticians all the doctors and what not, but then I mentally sat myself down and told myself to get it done. It just really cleans things up in your head when you finish. I needed glasses..It took me ages to find the perfect pair, but I did and I just needed lenses. Suddenly that was done. Something I needed for…years!…


✓ Fix my teeth & get braces


I got my first dentist appointment to get the little problems treated and remove my wisdom teeth that f!%!ed me over. Once that was done I had my first orthodontist appointment to get braces. YES. Finally braces. It was never about me being scared of them, but I always felt that tomorrow will solve the issue. Well, my two front lower teeth were bugging my speech so much that no, time did not fix my issues, and I ended up in a doctor’s chair. That’s when the bad news happened and the doctor told me that I need upper ones so I can have lower ones..DUH..ok thanks..The good thing? Only for 3 months..So I am surviving that!


✓ Get my butt to a gym 


Now that was a challenge. I know quite a few people who after going to the gym for 3 weeks start writing about it like this has changed their lives and stop going there after pressing the send button. I believe bragging about anything makes you less of a trustable source so why not wait long enough to know it is actually part of you. I have been a Bikram Yoga goer for many many years on a weekly basis, but 2 years ago I slowly stopped. There was no reason behind it, just that fact that I simply wanted to stick my head between pillows and just lye around there forever. That was a horrible period which needed a boost. The boost happened when I signed up for a one week gym challenge and started to go to a fitness place every day for one week. First day I felt horrible I stayed there for maximum an hour and spent the rest lying in the sauna and jacuzzi wanting to just disappear. Day by day I felt I am going stronger, I miss the gym!! That was it. It took me only one week to accomplish what I wanted. The need for gym. Since then I have been going to a fitness place every week. Haven’t missed a single one. I love it. I feel strong and I feel wonderful.


✓ Change my laptop


In the meantime I went and bought myself a new laptop, a new updated Macbook Pro ’15 that I really needed to get my 3D works going well. That was also an expensive tick in my to do list, but it needed to be done and I worked hard for it. Again suddenly I had this weird feeling in my head that I don’t need to do anything major!!! It’s a fantastic feeling and really really worth it. This feeling of accomplishment and calmness. 


✓ Get a new mega good job


It’s December now, but I am still working on my to do list. One by one and the year did not finish and I am already saying goodbye to my workplace because amazing opportunities do happen, even though I feel like I need to wake up and all is just a dream. I know I deserved it, I worked harder than ever like never before and this year was a fantastic trip.

The truth to your success will always lie in you. You can get lucky, but the universe will never give you what you do not deserve or can not handle, so start writing up your goals small and big ones and work on them one by one. Leave the harder one to the end of the list, because by the time you will get there you will be an unstoppable motor that wants everything achieved and crossed out. Start where it is easy and don’t write down unrealistic ones or stretch them out into a couple of years. Good luck with your next year :)

Still to do


Check my birth-marks

Start the process of Hungarian citizenship

Take my watches to get them fixed

Win the lottery


kiss kiss

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