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The truth is Fashion Weeks are boring. Every half a year we have the ready to wear and everything is predictable. First we get the photos of celebrities invited and enjoying the first row, than we get a selection of street style material that was inspiring, but lately we have seen it all and there is nothing new out there. Everyone tries to dress up like a parrot to be noticed by the photographers. Some do it super well, others fail.

We have a mashup of trends and it is almost impossible to follow. All jeans are in fashion, all shoes are in fashion and the only thing designers are careful with returning are the 90s. Otherwise it is a salad. A fashion salad. You just add the ingredients according to your taste. Mix and eat. Have a nice appetite.

Last but not least we have the actual shows one by one in their usual schedules. Some designers come and go and that is all the excitement we get. Remember Alexander McQueen shows? I cried every time.  Once the shows are done the anticipation starts to see these beauties in person, while Zara and other fast fashion brands get all the catwalk looks copies as we speak.

Nothing new here. Again.

where is the fashion scene going and what to do

There are many issues with today’s fashion scene. The main one perhaps is the fast pace that we, the consumers require. In everything. The same way as the bucket challenge went viral and got boring in a month, we are getting bored of what we see. So classic. So never changing. The pace of interest vs. turning away is getting smaller and smaller and everything around us has to follow this trend.


Let’s talk about the actual design. Remember how well we could define the 70s, 80s, 90s..Well not anymore. Again salad. We had the crazy print techniques introduced and other technological inventions, but it is just not enough. Where is my spray on dress? There is a huge need for change and it is not coming even with the most fantastic creative people on it. This has caused a bit of a shift lately with designers like Hedi Slimane taking over Saint Laurent and doing the most fast fashion inspired collections ever. Why? Consumers are going crazy, the speed is getting out of had and half of the fashion addicts just want simple things for huge money. The world is too fast to bother about couture and about clothes that need to be dry washed every time for some of us out there. The simplicity.

Now that Tom Ford, Burberry and Vetements decided to turn things around we are all speaking again. They said goodbye to the long ass waiting and decided to show collections that can be bought next day. This way we can actually buy their products faster than the copies at Zara. Once you sell fast fashion at luxury houses you can as well shift the schedule and match the commercialism out there. In the world that does not want to wait.

Fashion is speeding up. Enormous amount of collections per year. Resignation of the great ones that can’t handle it. Firing of those great minds who are too good and special for the ready to wear market. What’s happening? How much of high fashion will change to fast fashion and how many brands will say goodbye to the classics and move into this century? Do we want it?

Let’s sit back and watch. Pass the popcorn.

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