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If I love something I stick to it, if I love someone I will stick to that person forever. My Macintosh (yes, MACINTOSH that’s how I’ll call them forever) love started when I was 7 and my father brought home a 1992 Powerbook duo system, which was Mac’s first attempt with a laptop vs. desktop hybrid. I remember it would freeze while I played Prince of Persia and I got freaked out that I broke it.

Then the time came and obviously I got my first birthday desktop, a PC. I am very techy so I could do minimal programming, took it apart and did all sorts of things none of my female friends would even consider. Live and and learn..

I remember suffering with a PC with all the anti-viruses, the constant bullshit that would install itself with every update and the amount of a programs I needed to keep my Windows fast and steady. Oh, God, how happy can one get to not have them and I really think this is worth the penny.

macbook pro retina display 2015 blogger review

Years passed and I finally managed to afford a Macbook myself and I got totally screwed paying for my fashion school, for an apartment and the laptop instalments. TOTALLY WORTH IT. I was lucky to get that one Unibody model that was stronger than any Macbook models since, so I could do my Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D-s and the little guy managed to handle them perfectly all at once. The fella lasted 6 years, never broke, never froze, never ever anything. I did not even need to turn it off.

So then came the time when I needed to update, once I reached the point where some mega programs were too hard to handle by my super Macbook. (I am looking at you ArchiCAD). So here I am with the new Macbook Pro ’15 retina display with a force touchpad fresh from the Apple Inc oven. We are going to have a busy and happy life together. Thank you Mac..intosh…Thank you Apple.

This was my part in a tiny tribute.

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  1. WOW! What do use Cinema 4D for?
    BTW thumbs up for your blog!