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I am sure a lot of you, especially the female readers can relate to this story. I have been gathering clothes, shoes and accessories since I have basic interest in dressing up (that’s like since forever), and the stuff has been piling up in enormous quantities ever since. I am a collector, an attached person to everyone and everything. I hate when I lose anyone or anything so I never do. Same goes with clothes..unfortunately.

I do not like to donate clothes to charity, I have helped enough to know they will never get to the poor people and will be sold at the closest second hand, so it has always been easier for me to donate money and food, or give the clothes to the ones in need myself. I never went the facebook selling route. I find it cheap and weird, taking away so much time I could use for better things. I leave my clothes on the top of my parent’s trash bin outside the house. This way I reach the homeless that are in need of clothes. But back to my story and my issues with getting rid of those piles. Here is how I tried through the years:

1 – LEAVING THE NEST: ( – 14 items)

The only time we have a normal clean up is probably when we leave our parent’s nest and go our own apartment way. That is when I decided to leave SOME (very little) things behind, clothes I can mostly sleep in or wear at home, because how can I not leave some stuff there…I CAN’T JUST THROW IT OUT!! The rest was collected carefully and taken with me on a long journey of moving apartments since I am free and financially stable.


2 – THE QUALITY ( – 7 items)

Luckily I was born into a family where quality is important. I was taught to spend the dime and go for the less, but better. That UNLUCKILY left me with a lot of clothes that can never be thrown out because they stay almost perfect forever. So the second round of clean up after the parent home leave didn’t really work for me and I think I can count on one hand how many times I threw anything out. My clothes have a long life span of being worn every day, to being worn rarely, to being worn at home, to sleeping in and last but not least taken to my parents home or my homeland Moscow to be worn at home there. They never die!!!

3 – FAST FASHION STORES ( – 14 items)

There was a period of my life (quite short luckily) when I was buying EVERYTHING..Everything from Zara and H&M. This was the first time I have ever put away things into a no longer needed box, because they either went out of fashion or sucked qualitywise. Never again. Waste of precious money. So, if you want to get rid of clothes buy them at Zara and HandM.


4 – THE TREND ( – 17 items)

Well if nothing else, than how about the fashion?? Yes and no..More like no..I have been so careful (except for a couple of wasted years) choosing clothes I like and I barely like anything, so I always went for unique, the type of unique that stayed my partner in crime for ages..I can rewear most of the items I have bought 10 years ago, and I still get questioned as to where I got them.


5 – GROWING OUT (- 3 pairs of jeans )

Another option that has never worked is the growing out version. BUT NO! I am perfectly capable of fitting into my clothes I wore exactly 12 years ago. But hooray, I managed to give up 3 pairs of jeans resting in a box since forever, because I did manage to grow an ass (hooray to that). Those Replays landed next to a trash can to be taken away by homeless in need.


6 – FASHION STYLING (everything stays)

And let’s not forget, as a fashion stylist I have been building a separate wardrobe for shoots. Everything that was wearable had to stay and move around with me to every new apartment. So I ended up growing tonnes and tonnes of clothes and accessories on me that I don’t even remember I have.

It is quite funny how many times I have offered personal styling closet clean up sessions, but have  I am now doing mine for the first time. So I impulsively took clothes and accessories to a market sale, stayed there for 5 hours with friends and sold some of it to strangers and some friends. This is my first ever story of trying to give up on things I gathered and I am still struggling to find a way to do this further. Maybe one day I will get rid of all of them and redo my little closet the right way.

I’ll give you some tips on how to do a wardrobe clean up, that iI normally give my clients in the next round…Coming soon…

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