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Remember a while back I made a post on what women hate in men and their ultimate turn offs. It is still one of my most read posts, so I took the time and started to randomly interview male friends and random men around myself to collect their feedback on the opposite side of the story. What do they hate in women and why.. The whole thing caused some funny discussions and was an entertaining thing to do. I should definitely do more of these.

One very interesting psychological fact that I bumped into was the fact that most women when interviewed mentioned traits rather than physical appeal or anything of physical nature. Men on the other side would always start with weird criticism like “I don’t like saggy boobs” or “vaginas should be shaved” or “huge nipples suck” and would give me a pile of physical descriptions in women they hate and it would take them some time to come up with real traits that we women might want to change to become a little bit more than what we are now and give us a guide as to what men might hate in us that might be completely fair.

Disclaimer here: We live in this double standarted version of political correctness where women are supposed to do whatever they want. So it is up to you to read these and make note of these or go on and be whatever you want yourself to be.

So here is a collection of the most popular opinions on what men hate in women according to the lots of men I spoke with:



DUH. Men can not stand jealous women and we can get violently jealous. If you are up for telling your man to delete all his ex girlfriends from Facebook thee you might really need therapy because you have zero self respect and self confidence and he might need therapy asking himself why he is dating you in the first place. Also, exes have been there in our lives for many years and if we are able to stay friends both women or men, it is a good trait and should rather be respected than be a negative thing. Do you want him to be an unforgiving son of a bitch?



Bugging him

No it is not ok to tell your man that it is his 5th beer and yes he will watch two football matches in a row. AND yes he will probably leave the toilet seat up. It is one thing to ask nicely and agree on some rules around the house, but sitting on his brain all day will make him want to flee that family nest.


Obsessiveness and Control

The other ‘snakeness’ in us women is how we sometimes try to make the man jealous so he suffers. Obviously it is not a bad thing to remind him that you are worth the attention, but trust me there are other ways to it than causing negative feelings around.

Do you recognise yourself as the type of woman who won’t let your boyfriend go meet his friends and wants you around 24/7. They call it obsessive and controlling and do not be one. Do you want your man to suffocate next to you, not being allowed to be himself to a certain degree? Is it not the man you started to date? He will become unhappy after a while and yes he will probably leave you. And yes he needs to have hobbies and so do you.


Changing Him

This one is definitely a tough one and we women love to put our hands on control. When two people meet they adapt. If they do not then they are not meant for each other. I know many long lasting couples that started to share interests after a while, learning from each other and naturally influencing each other. You might not be into biking, but he might introduce you to his world and you might love every second of it. If it does not happen the other way around, it is either because your interests are just horrible, or because he is just not that much into you. So do not forcefully try to change him. He does not need to know every designer name, he does not have to want to hang around your girlfriends on a daily basis or enjoy your Justin Bieber nights out. If he does and he learns the name of your designer bag than he really loves you.

And again people adapt so if you really really hate some traits in him that you feel you can not survive with and they hurt you on a daily basis, speak to him and see what he has to say. If he disregards and continues to fart and burp in the house then yeah he does not care and a collection of these might be a sign and you would want to run with the wind. ho ho ho pun.


What is your problem

This is like an ultimate woman meme kind. We love to get mad and not tell the other half what our problem is or do the “nothing” trick and just sit there all annoyed. They hate it. I bet all of them.

what is wrong woman meme

Not taking care of yourself

It is one of those universal marketing campaigns out there that make women think they need to be Barbie attractive. We really do not. Look around and check how many different men of all spectrum find women of all types and looks and obviously what is important though is what you are within your own lets say qualities.

This one is true for both sides. Anyone who is ok living in a nasty flat with food pieces all over, disgusting toilet that is already black and who never changes bed sheets is probably as disgusting in hygiene as well. The kind who would have her shirt with holes and unwashed oily hair, a camel toe because she did not even notice and extremely dirty shoes. These have been listed and I can not agree more.


Mom jeans

It is fashion but fashion does not mean men love it. Mom jeans are not flattering for a man, they make your butt look bigger in a mom way and the whole look is strange and no. As comfortable as they are they go with the expense of the unflattering body shape and they only seem to fit girls with small waists and tiny butts. On the other hand an old man might recognize his loved one from 50 years ago and check out your butt, but is that what you are going for in your 20s?

why men hate mom jeans

Too much make up

There are types of men who do love a lot of makeup. But those men are a different world mostly that prefer gym and hooker looking girlfriends. Other men mostly hate too much make up that’s not why they like you in the first place, so while you are doing your scary shit wall painting on your skin then just wash it off and go learn to love yourself.


Kinky lingerie & panty lines

Men are different and they all have different preferences in lingerie and only a few of them really do not want to see anything like that in the bedroom. If you have been together for a while then you should probably know from comments and discussions what he prefers. Surprise him and see the amazing results and they mostly hate it when your mom underwear line shows on your tight pants.

We women might concentrate on ugly shoes, but men are men and they will probably check your butt at some point. When wearing tight pants or skirts a pair of cotton moms underwear can really show especially if the pants are a bit transparent and you can totally see those little flower patters. Keep it nice and buy a thong for such occasions.



Luckily most of the men I dated hated this trait and I have almost stopped. And seems like most men do not like it. It is cheap and it makes it sound like you do not have a good vocabulary to use instead of swear words. Fuck no said me.

Stinky perfume

For some reason women think that men loooove sweet perfumes. Most of them don’t it seems and why would they? Men do not like sweets they want bloody steaks and beer. If you are into smelling for your man then do reconsider and forget all those Prada – Candy, Versace – Crystal and YSL Baby Doll etc etc.

Also do not use it like a mosquito spray that suffocates people around you both male and female. Many men will prefer your body smell to any perfume anyhow.

Taking through movies

God how I love to watch movies with women. You can pause it at any minute and make a 10 minute discussion on what is happening and what will happen next and why the chick in the movie isn’t making the right decision and then vote about it and then pour more wine and open another box of nachos then turn the movie back on and continue to comment it every 3 minutes. Then remember you forgot to tell your bff that you bought a new pair of shoes so you pause again and bring in the new fantastic shoes so you can both discuss them for some time.


MEN HATE THAT. They would never have the interest to discuss characters and why Jennifer Aniston has a weird top on, so if you are watching a movie with your other half then unfortunately you have to keep it quite :(((

Body type dressing

I really loved this intelligent one. All women should dress according to their body types and be conscious. Obviously again for the feminists out there do what you want, but this is about what men prefer and lets agree if you know what looks good on you then why not wear it and feel even better about yourself and enhance that amazing figure.



Fake tans

Men are soooooo bad in noticing fake eye lashes, fake lips and bad nose jobs but they will see that fake yellow tan and no it is not flattering at all! Why do women want to look like Oompa Loompas?! They don’t get it.



Dead Starfish

Love the name. Basically it is us lying as a starfish on the bed and getting the action done without moving. Men also want action so work it. Any psychologist who dealt with sex issues can tell that the game has to work both ways or one of the two might be out looking for it elsewhere. We are not born with any crazy skills they come with practice and yes it is really worth it to randomly watch porn and see what those professional women are capable of or you can ask a friend if she is up for such a discussion. And yes we women should not feel that our existence is enough of a sex turn on because it is not.


Phone addicts

Respect. Men also need to see your focused eyes but if you are on Instagram stalking the ex girlfriend of your best friends boyfriend and reading emails about discounts all day long, and then discussing these subjects with the bffs out there in chat groups… then well he will hate that and he will hate your annoying phone.



This is a popular subject. Men do not get why women would shave their eyebrows all the time to tattoo them or draw them with a sharpie. But I agree and I wrote about it here. If you want to look like an older person then by any means, but do you?




YES. I heard this one too many times. It is not like a man will go ewwww seeing a tattooed girl, but at heart men want to see that beautiful ‘clean” canvas. Especially not with those tiny tattoos all over that look like you did not have a shower for a century.



We women tend to get negative at times. Discussing and commenting other women walking the street, work situations and just having this horrible attitude that kills the world.  It is a fact as women we are way more emotional so negativity is certainly possible, but lets do our best and see the world as positive as possible and the world will change with your thinking.



What a woman says and what she does and what she thinks these can be three different directions and we are so confusing. We go deep and ask shit like “Do you love me at all?” and trick the other half into answering these questions that give us some strange overthought meaning. “Did you think of me while having beer with your best friend?” “Og you didnt??” Find the lady in the bathroom crying feeling all sad and unloved. We try to make them feel guilty by bringing in the crazy drama. Would not the world be a better place if we were our own selves and things would just work normally where we do not need to rethink every sms?



by Zhenya