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So I visited Madrid. It was on my bucket list for quite some time, but hey. Another trip full of crazy stories and unfortunate situations but laughing at those is the best.


  1. Jamon (pronounce hamon) is everywhere. Ham. EVERYWHERE. On the 4th day you will hate it for a long time. Forever?
  2. Spanish dance music is also EVERYWHERE. They translate Bieber’s songs too. So if you don’t like any of it like myself you will grow into a hater. Smiles.
  3. You will get bored of tapas for a very long time. Something I loved greatly.
  4. Take care of your belongings. Nowhere have I ever heard so many times from almost every single person not to take my passport with me, to take care of my bag at all moments possible and to not run around with my phone in my hands.
  5. Prior to traveling check the districts because not everything is safe.
  6. Buy your Prado tickets online not to stand in a horrific 2 hour line. Hello 21st century.
  7. Eat 12 grapes at New Years Eve in 12 seconds. Choke to death while laughing at your friend or just choke to death because it feels impossible. If you don’t happen to manage then you will have a bad time. That’s that.
  8. Madrid is quite clean for Europe and there are no buildings crying for a painting job.
  9. Restaurants have super weird way of serving. Like none.
  10. Don’t over tip. Nobody does. Maybe that answers point 9.
  11. There is no sale after Christmas so it is not the best place to go to after holidays if you are an addicted person like myself.
  12. Weed home delivery travel in elevators. Just like that. Don’t touch it, there is probably an owner somewhere.
  13. The quality of alcohol in Madrid is not always at it’s finest so be careful what you are drinking and where.
  14. There is a bear lady and the strawberry tree statue and it’s tiny copies in every tourist shop. Try the liquor that is made out of it. The tree is called Madrono. The berry is called Madrono and the drink is called Madrono. Creative.

spain madrid photo recap spain madrid photo recap spain madrid photo recap


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