I have been receiving many questions on fashion, beauty and personal questions via e-mail and messages, so I thought I’ll choose the ones that have been asked repeatedly and share them with you. I will try to update with newer ones as they come. Thanks for reading, thanks for asking! Ask more!

Also, if you have any fashion, beauty and interior related questions especially personal styling related please do ask and ask HERE. I promise to answer all :)


Q: Where do you buy your clothes?

Most of the fast fashion brands out there are losing quality while gaining prices day by day, so I tend to wait for sales otherwise it is not worth it. (I never buy full price at stores like Zara or H&M if it is not a love item). I like to order a lot online from Ebay and in case of luxury brands I choose stores that I can 100% trust or shop when traveling.

Q: What camera do you use for your blog?

If it’s me doing the photos then a Nikon D7100

Q: What is the best beauty brand out there?

I experiment with beauty brands all the time and share my reviews on the blog and you can follow up on my experiments HERE. I re-buy a lot of Clinique especially their CC and the Custom Serum, I bring many products from Russian organic brand Natura Siberica and other organic brands that are sold there, as well as many Korean and Japanese products. 

Q: Your style seems effortless, how do you do it?

It takes time and many years to really define your style and remove yourself from affection of trends. After some time struggling with trends and styles if you try hard, you realise what you feel best in, what style suits you perfectly, what color ranges and you stop trying to be like everyone else. At the end of the day  being comfortable is the most important and that is how you look most confident and strong as a woman. Implement trends only that match your style otherwise you will be lost. I have stopped completely trying anything that I do not feel comfortable in and had to say goodbye to most of my heels for example.

Q: What is your No. 1 hobby?

If eating is a hobby then I made my choice. I love writing my blog it gives that extra to my days and to be honest I love to work, so I am quite lucky. Other then that I really like to read and research online about anything and everything, I love to stare at luxury bags and sleep.

Q: Who designed your blog?

All design elements except for the logo were designed by me. It started from an awful blogger page in 2007 that slowly transformed into today’s look. Took some time, but I am a perfectionist.

Q: Why Diamonds and Spikes?

I was figuring out how to define my style in one blog name and chose the two main elements. Class and metal. Luxury and punk. Quality and rebellion.

Q: High heels or sneakers?

I am a comfort type of person, so sneakers always and forever, but you will see me in chunky heels on many occasions. I die on thin heels.

Q: How to start a blog?

This deserves a blog post and I promise I will…Start with getting to know how wordpress works. Do not look around at other bloggers websites, this will get you off track and you will lose your identity and become just like all of them. Find your unique you, learn wordpress and start writing by creating your best voice.

Q: What is the one app you use?

If I had to choose the one and only app I will go for AnyList app on Iphone. It is my number one buddy for travelling (god, it helps me), grocery shopping and it even has a life list of to dos. 

Q: What’s your natural hair color?

It’s something between mid and greyish blonde. It has a name in Russian, as it’s a typical coloring there.

Q: Best instagram filter?

Afterlight and VSCO apps have the best filters and settings. I sometimes use PS express and NoCrop for framing.

Q: Do you have a pet?

Through my entire life luckily. From fish, turtles and hamsters to guinea pigs, cats and dogs. Currently I have my tri-color Sheltie named Dinamika.

Q: How does your life look like outside of the blog?

I have been working in finance for 10+ years. I run my creative consulting company that builds up brands from the creative perspective and deal with their marketing. Besides that I study a lot, maybe too much, do sports and watch a billion of TV series. Also I love me some friends and beer time.

Q: How tall are you?

I always forget…I just measured myself – 162 cm.

Q: Best Hungarian fashion designer?

The closest to my heart would be ANDA with her gothic minimalism and I’d also go with Daige, Tomcsanyi and NUBU, but there are more…I promise to do a post on them one day.

Q: How do u make sure that you are up to date on industry trends?

I spend quite a bit of time reading up on it on a daily basis and following websites and fashion weeks. It never gets tiring.

Q: What’s your advise for a blogger?

Try to not get influenced by other blogs, it’s the key to having a true personal one. Write about whatever you feel like, be authentic and your niche will find you. Oh, and don’t forget to design it to be pretty and see through. Also, do not lost your head thinking you are the best and do not pay for fake followers.

Q: Do you have a style icon?

I am inspired by many people from different professions and different parts of the world not just fashion. I do not specifically have one and I do not like to follow anyone, this just helps me be myself.

Q: What do you edit your photos with?

Lightroom and photoshop.

Q: Your favourite accessory?

I mostly don’t wear any, they bother me more and more, but a good bag is always my partner in crime. (love you bags!)

Q: One thing you can not survive without?

That will have to be my Moleskine. I really can not without it. I tend to forget and it just helps me have my life organised. And I love organised. That is why I have my waste management certificates by the tonnes.

Q: Where do you get your blog post inspiration?

It’s a hard one. Usually it just comes. When you are passionate about something then it is very easy to get inspired. If I have a new idea of a post I try to write it as soon as possible. 

Q: Worst and best food?

As picky as I am with food, it is more about the quality not the food itself. I eat most things, but sea food and steak are a winner. 

As for food I hate…I will never ever get used to the taste of naaaasty tasting potatoes when they have been re-warmed up. The taste is just so different and disgusting. Also the basic white horseradish. Bloe.

Q: Do you have tattoos or piercings?

I have a pending tattoo present waiting to be done for years by Hungary’s number one, but no, not yet or maybe never. Tattoos became too popular, too mainstream and have nothing behind them with all the tiny bullshits that have so much explanation behind them it hurts by brain. In regards to piercings, I used to have 14 mostly hidden ones, but now it’s down to just a couple in my ears mostly.

Q: What is your favourite fashion brand?

It’s impossible to pick one, but if I really have to make a list I would say Balenciaga, Givenchy, Acne and G-Star.

Q: Do you work out?

I used to do Bikram Yoga for many many years, now I am all for fitness and go there regularly. I am currently thinking of going back to yoga though.



*if you have any questions please add a comment below or send me an e-mail here.

*last update: 17.07.2017

11 Responses

  1. Jenny

    Hi Zhenja, first of all love your blog and the Q&A idea! :) I have a question that is a constant dilemma for me: What’s your view on mixing gold and silver colored accessories? Is there a general rule that these should never be mixed or how much mixing is acceptable? Thanks in advance!

    • Zhenya

      Hi, and thanks :)
      It reaaaally depends on what you are trying to mix. Mixing together silver and gold necklaces when wearing more than one, or wearing a gold bracelet next to a silver watch is perfectly fine. What you shouldnt do is wear lets say a bulky golden necklace while wearing silver earrings and so on. Same goes for a pair of black boots with big silver buckles and a golden bag. Dont do that :)

    • Zhenya

      I just got my first pair :) They are very comfy especially for those who don’t like heels and they are super feminine. The pointy ones elongate, so get a pair!

    • zhenya

      Well:D In the beginning of the 2000s I was a big fan of DNB music, and would wear skirts over pants with DC shoes and really ugly wooden necklaces, jelled short hair and sport oakley sunglasses..picture that :)) EW

  2. Eniko

    What great idea! Where should I look for dress to attend wedding June time? Not too expensive!!!

    • Zhenya

      I love weddings and cry like a baby:) I try not to order non expensive dresses online, because it is really hard to figure out the quality, and those polyesther ones can look very bad or very good, so avoid that. If you are looking for something fast fashion, than consider stores like Zara. They have really nice dresses. If you want something more classy Mango has a billion dresses. Don’t forget, no black or white :)

  3. ERnie44

    Do you do gym? You look very fit, any tips? Thanks, E.

  4. Zhenya

    Hi. Yes I do but not as often as people say I should. I used to do bikram yoga for many years, but am now going to the fitness and work out alone.