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There is nothing I am obsessed with more than beauty products. You should see my bathroom filled with containers, bottles, boxes and bags filled with creams and scrubs. Some of it can be found in my fridge and next to my bed.

The funny thing is that I really take care of my face, I take 20 times less care of my hair, I take almost zero care of my body (Yes I hate all the body creams) and the worst are my poor feet that get a treatment like twice a year when the scream for attention for 3 months.

So obviously taking the above explanation into consideration if I were to end up at a random location tomorrow I would take the following beauty products:


CC cream

This magical thing has most of the hydrating etc etc stuff in it anyhow so why bother taking bottles upon bottles of products (I still do. My travel suitcase consists of kilograms of those tiny jars). I use the Clinique one for a long while it has good coverage and contains all I need. On the negative side it is a bit dull.

Liquid foundation brush

Obviously I can apply a foundation or a CC with my hand, but nothing does a nicer coverage than a good brush. I use my brushes from Sigma, Mac, Bobbi Brown and Clinique and if I had to choose only one brush it would be the foundation brush for sure. And I am talking about the flat beauty below (I use the Sigma one currently)

Matt waterproof lipstick

If there is one make up product I’d chose from anything it would be a lipstick. That thing can do wonders to any dull and makeupless face like nothing else. If you are able to figure out your perfect color (that’s a hard one actually depending on your undertone etc) then your lipstick will make you glow. I only buy lip glosses lately that do not come off. I do not like reapplying lipstick when going out or at work, so for me it is important to have ti there fix for half a day at least or through the night.

Acne treatment

Even though I am in my 30+ I occasionally have acne. Nothing major but that is one of the reasons why I take my face super seriously. I do not use anything special on my face but I always always always have a little anti acne tube that can be used right on the spot and kill it in a couple of hours. ( I use that Clean and Clear one – works like a charm)

Detangler Brush

I stick to products that work, but it is very rare they do. The Air Motion Detangler Brush is one of those that does and I swear by it. It detangles the worst hair and does not pull it out. It is perfect. (Wrote about it HERE). I also use a Tangle Teezer for gym because it is cute and compact, it does the same job, but I would not use it at home.




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