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I am on a mission to find a good nail strengthener, because I tend to loose some of my nails (well, it’s called breaking) and end up with weird hands. Anyhow, I wrote a review on Nailtek Nail II that did not quite work for me, so I continued the quest. I was researching online when I came across Sally Hansen and was just about to order one of their strengtheners, but ended up forgetting. That turned out all right because next day I bumped into Sally Hansen at a local drug store (I had no idea we have it here, DM for the locals), and got the Double Duty Base & Top Coat.

sally hansen

It sounded like the best option, although Sally does have some just about nail strength products in their range. Even though this is not a fully strengthener, I can say it’s my saviour miracle I was praying for. I am already using the second bottle and next time I will probably go for the other products in the range. My nails don’t break even after I remove the polish and do not use it for days, they are super strong, and most importantly they don’t peel from all the overusage of cover. WOOOOWZ.

sally hansen product review

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