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I know a lot of people who are afraid of self-tanning creams and lotions. Why? Well it is the media. All the horror stories of brown or yellow faced people who somehow end up having the self tan only on half of their bodies and similar shit. But the truth is that it is totally not the case, so let me share my story and the to dos.

I am not really keen on tanning because it ruins the skin, makes it look older and unhealthier. I do tend to get quite green faced by the end of winter with the lack of sun and vitamins so what saves my sad tired looking face are self tanners.


There is nothing NOOOTHIIING to worry about when it comes to self tanners just follow the rules below:


EXFOLIATE – prior to applying any self tanners do an exfoliation. It is not a must I barely use it but it does appear nicer on your face or your body if you do, especially if you have dry skin which I do not.

THE BRAND – I have two different self tanners. One for body that I almost never use and one for my face. While the first one is of a random drug store brand, I usually never put anything cheap on my face so it is not a bad idea to save up for a better cream. I use Clinique most of the time, but brands like Chanel, Lancaster and Dior have really good ones too from the ones I have tried.

THE TYPE – I never buy any paper based or very weird consistency type. Go for a basic very creamy very moisty ones because those are easy to apply and they do not carry that much self tanner in them.

THE FACE APPLICATION  – While applying the wonder try to apply it only once. The more layers you apply the darker it gets, but do not forget that you will see the result only 2-3 hours later, so be very careful. Put some lotion on your hand (bean size) and spread on both of your hands. Then start to massage it into your face and neck and touch your ears a little. If you choose a very creamy one it will be extremely easy to apply. Close your eyes and just cover the whole face and massage for 10-20 seconds to spread it all around. I have never in my life had any stain marks on my face so do not worry.

THE BODY APPLICATION  – The body application is a little trickier because there is a lot to cover. Work it like you are using a body lotion, but be very careful around your elbows and knee areas, those tend to get stained a little if you do not triple massage the lotion into them. This is the only thing you need to care about when applying self tanner on your body.

WASH IT OFF  –  wash your hands after the application.


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