I have done so many interviews lately seeing really different candidates that I thought I will share some ideas on how to dress. Not only have I been doing interviews but I have obviously gone to quite a few and trust me the way you look counts. And yes it might impact my choice just like it might impact a choice of another manager who will interview you. Remember it is never worth the risk.

I work in finance for ten years + now and all the places I worked for like banks and big international companies take this shit super seriously. Obviously not the clothes as much but the whole process. I am also planning on writing a guide of never failing an interview, but that is for later :)

As an example, you get a candidate who is not too passionate about the work, she wants it but does not know why. She comes with zero background knowledge of the position or the company proving she did not even bother to read up on it. And not only that as a cherry on top she comes in neon coloured platform sandals, a short summer dress with boobs out and unbrushed hair. Considering the interview outcome this also proves the person does not take the whole thing seriously and if she can not even dress up for an interview into business casual that is probably how she is and the interview questions will always prove it.

Another recent case: Girl comes in super assured about herself, too much. Speaking to me like we are palls of many years, disrespectful for an interview situation, telling me how she told her previous boss what the boss should do. Super controlling and negative. And she comes in a grey sporty t-shirt, jeans and sport shoes. It just all adds up and the fact that she did not bother to dress up completes the picture.


Dressing up for an interview shows you are serious, that you do the effort and come in a suit in 40C (yes.) and know the rules.


So lets see what is best at an interview and why. But as a disclaimer, lets make one thing clear. If you are a bright star you will be forgiven but this will not be forgotten and your job will start with way more check ups than others. And also there are millions of people who are as bright as you, we are all replaceable and it is still better not to risk the first impression and the professionalism.

So first of all lets define. Normally you have two choices business or business casual. If you are not applying for a major manager position going business casual will work. You are more than welcome to come in a suit which is the easiest probably, but not everyone owns a suit so lets see what can be done.

Just a few main tips to follow:


Keep it long

Don’t keep it too open

Don’t do bitchy

Do not overdo makeup

Brush that hair

Forget fashion




Go for tops with as little cleavage as possible. The best choice is to go for something plain without anything sheer or sparkly or any slogans or just get a shirt that is not too casual. No spaghetti tops ever, those are normally not even allowed any day of the week. No crop tops and bandeau tops those are a taboo forever. Here are some tops you could wear:



I will not say anything new if I tell you not to wear jeans or very short skirts. If you have a pair of very dark jeans that look more like pants then it is fine. I did those too and got the job, lol. Pants is probably the easiest way out, but if you choose a skirt go for something professional and if possible plain because that always works. Nothing mini, no leather!



For shoes do not go crazy. Don’t do neon wedges like one of the candidates I have interviewed. Don’t wear trashy shoes you’d wear for a night out. If you feel comfortable in flats then wear those.

Last but not least. PREPARE. That is what will win that interview anyhow.


by Zhenya