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wishlist fashion

Every year I make a wish list to concentrate on the items I have been lusting for. I thought about it and these items I really do want

and need for the year.

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fashion wishlist 2015
1. Burberry watch

I really need a new watch, one that is more eternal than whatever I have owned until now and I love everything masculine and metal. YEEEH.

2. Kenzo scarf

Being a huge scarf person, I do have so many I am not sure how to sort them for them to be visible enough in my closet for me to wear. Nevertheless, I want more and Kenzo scarves are perfect. All of them.

3. Charlotte Olympia home slippers

I keep on forgetting to buy new slippers when the cold hits my home. These are perfect, of course a bit pricey for home-wear, but what the hell.

4. Thomas Sabo Caviar charm

I find Thomas Sabo a kind of Michael Kors of jewelry. Everyone has it, but I do like they charms and own a bunch of them. This snobby Russian caviar is just too damn good:))

5. Givenchy Pandora bag

My birthday present to me? Yes, on it’s way. This bag is perfect on all levels, as perfect as the Balenciagas out there. Elegant if you want it to be, and punk enough to suit my style.

6. Smeg kettle

Most of the kettles out there are super ugly. It’s the centre piece of all kitchens and needs to be good.

7. Chanel glasses

I need new glasses and it’s alwayse Chanel that wins my heart in the glasses department. LOVE.

8. Clinique Custom Repair

I have been using the Clinique Even Better and it’s one of those super products I think is good for anyone. This custom repair version got me curious, as it does the same, but more and is smart and what not.

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