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Every year I make one of these Christmas wishlists that are a dream to dream, but I usually do manage to get a couple of the items. I have a confession I have been barely shopping but this deserves a long post and in short I just don’t want to see anything in my closet that doesn’t look perfect and it is hard to find perfect. I had a horrible year, those who know me well know what I am talking about and all the discrimination and abuse I went through at my previous workplace so I honestly think I deserve all this if not more. WHAHA.

Here is my dream list for 2017 slash 2018.

  1. Yves Saint Laurent College bag – I wanted this baby for a while. It is not big enough like my forever fave Balenciaga but it can fit shit and might become my party / evening bag and yes I already got her as my Christmas gift.
  2. Gray mink coat – I am Russian as we all know and Russians are born in fur coats. My longtime dream was to get myself a gray mink coat that unfortunately costs a fortune, but it also lasts and keeps me warm. I am a huge freezer and I usually freeze in anything thats not above 20 degrees.When it gets to around 17ish I start to wear my warmest clothers, so you can imagine how I feel when it is north pole period of let’s say 5 degrees. I decided to be generous this year and bought myself both the YSL bag and a beautiful mink coat.
  3. Down coat – I have two down coats for winter and both of them really did get old to my eyes and I would like to get an update. I am looking for a warm black one and I think I found one, I just need to press the expensive buy button.
  4. Sneakers – boots and sneakers is how I roll. I barely wear heels and I actually put away most of them for sale and to my surprise my huge shoe closet is half empty and I am proud. But again this deserves a separate post.
  5. Jewelry – I still have huge amounts of big enormous necklaces and what not but I wear none of it. Instead what I do wear are small beautiful necklaces and pearl earrings. These can be found for a very low price so it is not even an investment but at the same time they will last forever and will make your look amazing. You can fined sterling silver earrings starting from around 4 dollars online..
  6. Black jeans – I never knew it could become such a hassle to find thick jeaned jeans but it is and I have been struggling. Ladies and gents wish me luck.



by Zhenya