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It is almost 2016 and it is time for my annual WISHLIST! You can check out my previous one HERE that I more or less successfully accomplished and even got a  mink coat that was supposed to be on my 2016 list and now looking back at the list I am surprised I wanted Charlotte Olympia home slippers… I was probably making a point of my need for a pair of nice homey slippers, but H&M would do.

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So here is my 2016-I-REALLY-WANT-YOU-LIST. Click on the items to find out more!

A watch

There is never enough I need to take 3 watches to get them fixed, but I still want more. These masculine ones are just my perfect thing.


I am super lazy for pyjamas since high school so I either sleep in a home tee or nothing, but these  ones are definitely on my very needed list.

Fugly slippers

The comfort of these extremely ugly slippers is undescribeable, but it physically hurts to spend money on them as well especially since they fall apart in one winter. These are the perfect type of gift from anyone, someone.

A toaster

I need a new toaster..Mine died because I was bugging it with a fork while it was one. Electricity went out, the toaster burned and I did not get electrocuted somehow. Also, for home appliances and anything home related I am no longer going for budget items, I try to buy those cool forever lasting pieces. It is called I am growing.

Plain shopper bag

I need a plain shopper where I can fit anything. The kind which is good for work or anything else. I have a bunch  of big bags, but they are all slowly dying out and it is time for a change. I am planning to get the Bambi one for my birthday x Christmas combo, as it is always the time I get a new bag to be in love with for a year.

Black comfy heels

Do they exist? I have many types of heels and heeled sandals are perfect, but when it comes to closed winter ones I seem to never find a good pair. They either fall off while I walk or have the longest most annoying thinnest heel in the world.

Iphone 6 cover

Iphone 6 is the first phone I never bought a cover for that was not something transparent. Not sure why because these are extremely beautiful, but then again…Iphone 7 is coming.

Not a plain black leather jacket

I never jumped on the black leather jacket wagon, because honestly it is the most over-worn thing for the past 3 years. Luckily for us leather jackets became 1/3 of the cheapest price in the past years and anyone and everyone has one. What I will never get is why not get something a little bit different? Oh well…that is just me.

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