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We women tend to do one thing very well: OVERTHINK. I wish we would use the power of our imagination to find out how to cure life threatening diseases, draw awesome paintings or save kitties, but no, we spend hours and days contemplating over the last SMS he wrote.

Luckily for some, the older we get the clearer the picture: men are not complicated, they do exactly what they think and there is really nothing to overthink there. We still tend to do so, while the truth is this: If he likes you it will be obvious. He didn’t call you? Guess what..He is not that much into you. 

That is exactly when our defense mechanism kicks in and we do hours of contemplation about how busy he is and had no time to reply, how sick he probably is and lost his phone while the network was so bad the message did not go through and YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WRITE AGAIN. Or maybe you are just a total unlikable bitch?!



The signs he is not that much into you:


  • He doesn’t ask you anything about your life. If he’d wanna know, he’d wanna know.


  • He is constantly busy to reply. SMS takes seconds, there are no excuses only if he is currently doing a heart transplant surgery and yeah you’d have to wait then.


  • He does not call you and does not message you. If he doesn’t call you, he is not thinking about you. And yes, there is a very tiny chance he had amnesia.


  • You do not forget a single thing he tells you about his life and he forgets everything and never asks return questions.


  • He does not really react to things you tell or message him. Not interested.


  • He does not really want to meet up and cancels. If he doesn’t try to give a good excuse at least to explain himself. Well, he definitely does not give a damn.


  • There is someone else in the picture. An ex or an almost ex or an almost ex wife or a wife..But he does not make the step making you not the first woman of choice.


  • He calls you up and texts you only when he is drunk. If he thinks with his tiny dick then let him hug a pillow instead.


  • You are never number one on his list (You come after gym, dinner and all the friend and ex meetups he organised).


  • You can’t tell if he likes you or not. As I said, men are obvious, if there are question marks, let him go.


  • You cancel all your plans just to wait for him to ask you out and that doesn’t really happen.


  • Possibilities are endless…



The solutions:


  • Learn to accept that someone might not be interested. Again there are million causes there. Could be a fresh break up, lack of time or zero chemistry. Learn to think in a simple logical way and it might get clear.


  • A lot of men have a huge interest in their careers. A lot of those men choose work over any existent woman. Chemistry or no chemistry. They focus on one thing at a time.


  • The easiest thing is to put yourself in his position and ask ‘What would you do?’ in the same case when you were not interested or just think about your actions when you try to nicely let the guy know that no you are not that much into him.


  • Take the time to get the person interested. It takes time with men. If he does not give you that time then fuck it.


  • If he is incapable to invite you for a date, than try doing it once, but if it does not work run Forrest run.


  • Let him go, if he makes you feel like you deserve better.


  • Let him go, if he can’t make you feel good.


  • Let him go, if you find out he has someone. Not only will he do the same thing to you, but you will get hit by karma pretty badly, I guarantee.


  • Never go for “this is better than nothing”.


  • Last but not least: Don’t kill your soul over it and go shopping.

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