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Feeling crappy randomly is a default feature in most of us, so when the shit feels hit you and it is definitely not what you want then follow my top “how to unshit your feels” list below. It’s the hormones, tiring days, those days, depression, rain, whatever, but they do happen and there are ways around it:

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  1. Have a bath – instant boost, instant refresh, meditate under water, watch the candles, play with bubbles. This is my ultimate how to calm myself trick.
  2. Read a book – takes your mind away from the shit storm although you might first want to take a bath to get there mentally.
  3. Change your clothes – find clean comfy set of PJs and cute socks. Make it all cute and colorful. Helps me a looooot.
  4. Drink a tea of your choice – brew a good tea with little to no caffeine. I make masala tea and it makes me relaaax like no other drink. Add honey and milk.
  5. Pour a glass of red wine – if nothing else helps get a glass of wine but don’t return for more. Maximum to get some more cheese.
  6. Have a delicious dinner or a dessert – for those food addicts like myself this is always a winner. Cook something you love or order a home delivery and enjoy that tasty stuff. Don’t do it too late that will just make you feel shit that you ate so late.
  7. Leave the place you are at – if possible go somewhere else to change the environment. Walk around, meet friends, watch the nature.
  8. Call your special someone – whoever that person is, talk it out and the person will listen. You will feel better. This is one of the most important tips ever. You need to talk it out always.
  9. Cry a river – they say that women live longer because we cry and I believe it is part of the elixir. Cry the shit out of yourself and let all the problems float out with the tear storm.
  10. Turn on some awesome tunes – music is my life so spotify it out.
  11. Hug a pet or a pluss – if you have one, hug it as many times as possible or pretend you do by hugging your spotted fake polyester giraffe or smell the hoodie of that special someone who isn’t around at that certain moment.
  12. Watch TV series – easy ones to watch and funny enough to keep your spirit up and running. How about a good old episode of American Dad or some chick series?!
  13. Sleep it out – change those bed sheets first of all and fall into the new clean ones and wake up next day happy and recharged.


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