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I mentioned it before and I will again. T-shirts with idiotic quotes, signs and fake fashion logos do not impress me. While I am writing these words, I’m trying to think of a tee I own (owned) that has or had any sign of LETTERS on them. I remember one that is still love  ‘Little miss gold digger’. It was a joke buy mostly for my friends to have a good laugh because that is the last thing any of them would ever say about me. Oh well, of course I have all sorts of band t-shirts..Patti Smith..Rolling Stones..etc..You name it.


stupid idiotic fashion tshirts

It is not enough that we have t-shirts with all sorts of stuff on them, but now we have the most ridiculous t-shirts ever being worn with SWAG. There are barely any stores left that don’t have some kind of fashion or random statement on them.


For me these quoted tees are attention grabbers. If something is there to grab attention it raises some thoughts.

1. There is probably no other reason why anyone would look at that person, while feeling slightly sorry for the human in front of me..Is that something the person wants? Probably not.

2. In case it’s one of those ‘There is no Yves without xy’ I wonder why would anyone want to wear that? It is not funny nor cool. If you can’t afford a real Yves tee, than just don’t get anything. There are so many cool alternatives and designer tees are the most overpriced stuff ever.

3. This tee is embarrassing and stupid.

4. How old are you?


We all know a lot of vegans feel godly, but this is plain rude and again there’s that joke where if you are a vegan you will let EVERYONE know. Wonder what is it that only vegans comprehend.


I get the movie reference (The anchorman), but most of the people won’t. If you need to tell everyone you are a big deal, you are most likely not. Not even down there..



Well first of all grammatically it would be something like ‘breakfast:’. Second of all why?! Is it something you would like for breakfast or deep down you feel you are pancakes?


What the hell? First you mention you are a bad person than you apologise? I am sure everyone wants to get to know you.




Ok, here we go again. You are so Chanel! What exactly did she make you do? Wear leggings? I am sure she didn’t, so don’t blame this disaster on the poor woman.


I have a small painting of this in my kitchen. It’s where it should be.




You must be such a special snowflake!


As much as I loved this quote AS A JPG FILE, do you really want people to read it and 1. try to look for puffy bags under your eyes and/or notice them in the first place and be like ‘wow, she is so tired’.





But but but..You are not blonde! And even if you were…What is it that you don’t care about exactly? You are such a baaaad baaaad gaaaal (insert L.A. accent here)



So we can all get drunk and forget your stupid t-shirt




s-l1000 (1)

So 1. You are such a special hipster 2. Also a mentally unstable person who should get treatment.


We can see that.






Where is all that political correctness? And we usually bash on thin girls lately not vice versa.


It’s like all those idiotic tattoos to remind you of bad things. The worst thing you can do to yourself is surround yourself with negative messages. Also, your maths skills suck.





That’s what I usually say, but do you want random people on the street or potential hookups to know about it? Let it take them sometime to realise you are a control freak.



This exists in a male form as well. The question is WHO and where can we meet your imaginary wife.




The person wearing this just can’t not be a representative of one of those stupid ones.


You must be such a bad ass teen. You should get into Kylie’s crew and wear a baseball hat backwards.





So just get yourself a nice Zara bag then, instead of letting the world know you’d love a Chanel you can’t afford.



Ok, music reference again, but I can’t stop thinking of the type of rock that will tear everyone apart who reads the tee? Sedimentary? Metamorphic?

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  1. These things are all around me too.. :/

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