I was born into a very strict family concerning etiquette and I have always felt that it is an important part of me to keep it alive. I did have my horrible punk years and wore skirts over pants, colored my hair into many weird shades and looked like a total mess, but nonetheless upbringing stuck around and that usually comes out sooner or later and even then I was able to combine the best quality around while looking like trash. I guess it is also a gift. Kidding.

One of the biggest style fails in my opinion /after people eating in an inappropriate way) is dressing up weather inappropriately. Not the same weather appropriate that we used to have 30-50 years ago, but a descent logical appropriate version aligned to the 21st century.The fact that rules are changing has nothing to do with the etiquette, it has become more about ‘what else can we do within fashion, because it’s just not really changing is it’.

how to dress up in winter styling

Even though I am sitting in 2017 and we can talk about everything being appropriate and cool and fashionable and understood, trust me you can be cool in front of the chicks who have no idea and will cherish your every look, but the ones raised like me will always notice the ‘off’ factor. It somehow feels that the wardrobe of the person in question is just a huge mess, and buying a pair of boots for winter is somehow inaccessible and the person would rather reach the highest of the lows just to pose for a picture on Instagram.


Here we go:


Whatever anyone tells you, if it’s minus 20 degrees outside or even 5 do wear a pair of stockings that suit your style and the dress you are wearing. There is nothing stranger than a pair of bare legs even if you taxify yourself around. It is off and weird and cheap. The same way as working in the corporate world will most likely have your boss wonder what the hell just happened there. (You are not on the red carpet).



I honestly find it horrific to see someone wearing completely open toe sandals with just a little thin string holding your leg..Oh you just stepped into a mud puddle. First of all you can’t EVER EVER wear transparent stockings with those. If it has to be a pair of sandals, go smart and wear the really closed version like boots with cut outs or sandals that are mostly covered. It seems to be something even Vogue agrees with saying it looks like you just don’t have any clothes. This is true for all points I am listing.



I can’t even count how many times I heard guys commenting on summer dressed girls in winter. Obviously men are men, but the comments I have heard were pretty much against them, calling it bitchy and attention seeking. There is time for everything and winter is the time for closed shoes, winter jackets and covered legs.



Use the season to cover yourself up. There are millions of shirts and boots and jackets that look super sexy without revealing completely uncovered flesh. That’s what men call erotic and mysterious.


Balancing is very important and you should really learn to do so. If you just have to have that open dress or shorts balance it out with a good long jacket and a big scarf, but don’t leave a big season gap between the two. Trust me it’s not classy at all and it will not only be your old grandma judging you.

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