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I visited my second home Moscow this summer for a lengthy amount of time and it really looks like I will be visiting that place much more often. Maybe it will happen one day that I will move to the other home away from Budapest.
Every time I return I am filled with energy and motivation. It is an enormous busy city, very exhausting, but very fun. The way people act and how they fill me up with positivity and humour is fantastic. As a tourist you would probably see very very grumpy 14 million people, but that’s how we are. I never smile if it is not to show my love and respect for someone. We are honest and don’t bullshit around. Too honest perhaps.
I do not like taking tourist photos. I am not a photographer and I do not have time nor the eye to find those special moments and places. But here I am sharing some photos of my beloved super clean city aka Moscow. Enjoy bits and pieces of my lovely home.

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